Why Cucumbers Are Great For You Inside And Out

May 29, 2015

What's long and green, can help regulate blood pressure, is great at fighting wrinkles and tastes great in salads? Believe it or not it's the beloved cucumber! This delicious member of the gourd family has dozens of amazing benefits from skin care to oral health and overall wellbeing. 

Cucumbers are comprised of over 90% water. As a result they have a cooling effect on the skin and are extremely helpful in soothing mild sunburns, calming inflamed skin and decreasing redness. Cukes are fabulous in skin care because they are loaded with beneficial vitamins such as vitamin C, known to boost collagen production and even skin tones, vitamin A which helps diminish dark spots and pigmentations and vitamin B-5, a superstar in improving the skin's ability to retain moisture thus reducing the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. Another reason why cucumbers are superb for the skin? They share the same pH as skin so they can play a key role in restoring the skin's protective and natural acid mantle.

Now all you need is to find some incredible cucumber-loaded skin care products to try. Not to worry, Galiano Island Soapworks has you covered! Some of our popular must-have items for the summer months include: our Foaming Cucumber Cleanser and our Cucumber Facial Toner, both ideal for all skin types and super refreshing for the skin. Need to moisturize? Check out our new Cucumber & Melon Cream; yup, it actually smells as delicious as it sounds! Our Greek Goddess Skin Tightening Cream also contains cucumber oil as a vital ingredient to help reduce puffiness and offer extra hydration to dry skin.

If you'd much rather eat a cucumber than slather it on your face, that's no problem. Check out these fantastic perks gained by adding more cukes to your diet: they are high in fiber and magnesium and one of the best sources for potassium which is effective in lowering blood pressure and decreasing the effects of sodium. Due to a high water, vitamin B and electrolyte content, cucumbers can significantly reduce nasty hangovers and are helpful in the maintenance of healthy kidneys and urinary bladder. Munching on cukes also works wonders on fighting bad breath because they stimulate saliva production which rids the mouth of odour causing bacteria. Versatile, healthy and tasty. Are you reaching for a cucumber yet?

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