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Linda Cupples

Owner, Founder & Experienced Skin Care Formulator

Linda feels very fortunate to be surrounded by four amazing ladies who passionately keep Galiano Island Soap Works business thriving.  Thank you ladies!  Your dedication is so appreciated!

“I started early in the beauty industry. A hair stylist at 19 with training in esthetics.  Although through the years I’ve worked in other sectors, I knew I would always come back to the field of beauty.  I’ve always had a passion for plants and endeavoured to understand the benefits they provide in skin care. This would be something I would eventually bring to a brand of skin care.”

Training is ongoing for Linda.  “I always look forward to learning.”  Whether it’s formal training or learning through extensive research, Linda can often be found immersed in something new. Growing up in British Columbia, Linda is inspired by nature and her surroundings, she believes nature has a lot to offer.  "If we can eat it, why not use it on our skin?"

“My passion for skin care design has largely come from aging, something we all do.” Linda’s focus has been to create great skin care products that really work.  Many hours are spent in researching and no plant, no matter what country it is from, escapes thorough research.  “Only high performance ingredients make it into our high actives line.”

“Our products are all meticulously produced in our studios,  in Vancouver and on Galiano Island. With gratitude I have the help of two skilled assistants who proudly dedicate themselves to maintaining the integrity and quality of our products. We have a hands-on approach to manufacturing in small batches to ensure all products are always fresh.”

We welcome everyone to shop in our store and we produce skin care that is affordable for everyone. 

We hope you can feel the level of our commitment and dedication when you use our products – that somehow the love of what we do is transferred to you.

Because beauty should not cost the earth….  


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