Your Aching Body Will Love You For This.....

April 26, 2015

There's a new cream in town. A cream that is loaded with unique ingredients such as Ashwagandha, Devil's Claw and Cayenne Pepper. A cream that goes on cool, absorbs quickly and then gradually heats up and tingles to relieve sore muscles and stiff joints. A cream that not only has the heavenly sinus-clearing aroma of menthol crystals but also reduces body pain and swelling as it lulls you to sleep. A cream that's green?!? Yup! Introducing our new Green Muscle Cream!

This wonder-cream has a long list of superstar ingredients, one of which is Arnica Oil, known to be useful in the treatment of sprains, bruises, muscle pain and swelling due to fractures and insect bites. Another added benefit to Arnica is its ability to relax tense muscles and reduce inflammation.

The Ayurvedic herb Ashwagandha is another key component in our formula. This herb has been known to reduce inflammation caused by arthritis, reduce fevers, ease stress, treat insomnia and protect the body from infectious diseases. Ashwagandha is also an adaptogen: a substance believed to help the body's ability to handle stress and changing situations. When applied to the skin, Ashwagandha has great analgesic effects. Is there anything this herb can't do?

What many folks don't realize is that cayenne pepper isn't only useful when it comes to spicing up our foods and beverages; cayenne is a powerful herbal catalyst that can be used topically to reduce many types of pain including menstrual cramps, backaches, arthritis, shingles and bruises. Cayenne alleviates pain by preventing neurotransmitters from sending pain signals to the brain. Some studies even suggest that ingesting cayenne pepper works wonders for those with heart problems and has the ability to stop a heart attack by acting as a vasodilator, opening up the arteries and encouraging critical blood flow to the heart.

Devil's Claw is a plant native to Africa that has been traditionally known to cure digestive problems, stimulate appetite and treat malaria and fevers. It has also historically been used in ointments to treat skin conditions such as boils, ulcers, lesions and sores. Today, Devil's Claw is known to help fight inflammation, lower arthritic pain, headaches and back pain. These ingredients (and more) make Green Muscle Cream the oh-so-perfect multi-purpose massage cream! If you are pregnant or suffering from serious health problems it is always best to consult your healthcare professional. We here at Galiano Island Soapworks are not medical professionals, we just make really awesome creams and products.

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