Charcoal and Clay...What Better Way To Detoxify Your Skin?

July 06, 2015

We would love to introduce to you the Detox Bar, a fabulous soap that has the power to absorb oils, toxins and bacteria, leaving you with a clean, clear and oil-free complexion. Believe it or not, one of the key ingredients is black, sooty charcoal. Activated charcoal to be exact!

Activated charcoal has been used in the medical field for centuries to treat poisonous bites and stings and has proven to be successful in treating emergency situations such as the ingestion of toxic substances. This isn't your everyday charcoal; it's been treated and activated with gas and other agents, causing it to expand and become highly porous. This high porosity gives it the ability to absorb and adsorb thousands of times its own weight. This makes it a very useful element in skin care as it helps draw bacteria, oils, dirt and other micro particles to the skin's surface so they can be easily rinsed away, reducing acne and improving the overall health of your skin.

Another important component of our Detox Bar is Canadian Colloidal Clay, also referred to as Glacial Clay, found in the coastal region of BC. This unique clay has a neutral pH balance and similar to activated charcoal, has the strength to extract toxins and impurities from the skin. We have found this clay to be extremely valuable in skin care because it is known to improve circulation, exfoliate dead skin cells, tighten pores and reduce inflammation. A fantastic bonus: Glacial Clay is high in beneficial minerals making it great for replenishing, rehydrating and renewing the skin.

Our Detox Bar formula would not be complete without some soothing, moisturizing, raw and unrefined shea butter, often used to remedy dry skin because of its high concentration of fatty acids and vitamins. We've also added tea tree oil which has antiviral, antifungal and antibacterial properties. Tea tree has proven to be a great solution for those with acne, blemishes and much more. 

Treat your skin to a good ol' detox this summer...great for use on the face and body!

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