We Care About Your Hair!

June 02, 2016

By now you all know that we create and sell a fabulous array of skin care products: from healing salves and body buffers to anti-aging elixirs and hydrating cleansers. You need it, we've got it! But did you know that Galiano Island Soapworks is also super passionate about hair care? Absolutely! We take pride in our carefully formulated hair care products; each containing specific, high-quality ingredients to not only moisturize your hair, but also to nourish the scalp and encourage new growth for all hair types.

All of our leave-in conditioners contain aloe vera, an amazingly moisturizing component that is known to balance your pH as it relieves dandruff, itching and helps the hair to retain moisture. They also contain a healthy dose of various proteins such as corn, soy and wheat. Proteins are known to increase your hair's ability  to receive and maintain moisture and has the incredible power to strengthen and mend your hair fibers. One of our most popular hair products is our Leave-In Conditioner which contains jojoba oil, a lightweight non-greasy oil that is loaded with vitamins and minerals to help improve the overall health of your scalp as it absorbs easily into your hair follicles. Horsetail leaves are another key ingredient of this blend: used for centuries to support strong, healthy hair and hair re-growth. This product is great for those with fine to normal hair.

For those of you with thick or textured hair, you will LOVE our Kickass Gorgeous Leave- In Conditioner. It contains camelina seed oil which protects hair follicles, is non greasy, and deeply hydrating. A marvelous bonus: this formula is beautifully scented with real raspberry extract to add shine to your hair and help regulate hair growth. Looking to tame those frizzies and fly-aways? Our Frizz Control Leave-In Conditioner is just what you need, with ingredients like extra virgin coconut oil to help prevent breakage and split ends along with Nature Silk, a 100% plant-based emollient which acts as a great detangler and moisturizer. Another great product to deeply re-hydrate your hair is our Coconut Hair Treatment featuring extra virgin coconut oil infused with a blend of herbs to leave your hair feeling soft and help reduce breakage. For best results, apply to damp hair and cover with a plastic shower cap or towel wrap for twenty minutes or overnight. (Psssst! Check out our Urban Turbans, they work like a charm for this type of treatment!)

If you're simply looking for a formula to help strengthen your hair and nourish your scalp, look no further than our Healthy Hair Tonic. We've added stinging nettle leaves, known to increase circulation to the scalp and regulate sebum production, as well as a beautiful blend of essential oils including tea tree oil to help control dandruff, rosemary oil to stimulate hair growth and peppermint oil to soothe your itchy scalp. Great for all hair types. There's something for everyone here at Galiano Island Soapworks. Come visit us at our beautiful storefront or check out our products online at www.galianoislandsoapworks.com

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