How to Salve your Skin Conditions this Winter

November 07, 2014

These cool windy days can cause dry, chapped or cracked skin that wreak havoc on conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, rashes and other skin irritations. Hydrated and nourished skin is key in fighting off these annoying and sometimes unsightly blemishes. This means it's time to amp up your moisturizers folks...and what better way to seal in moisture and calm irritable skin than to apply rich and luscious salves?

A salve is prepared using different oils, butters and waxes, resulting in a thick substance that is used to heal, soothe and hydrate your skin. Quite often essential oils and botanical ingredients are added not only to address dry skin , but also to help with issues such as tired achy muscles, arthritic pain and wound healing. Take for example our popular Mentholated Foot Salve: not only will this salve alleviate dry, cracked heels and restore your skin's elasticity, but the addition of menthol crystals and mint leaves will awaken your tired, sore feet and help relieve tension headaches.

Another favorite is the Heavenly Hemp salve that is loaded with hemp seed oil and stinging nettle. Hemp has incredible anti-aging, nourishing and healing effects and nettle is a well known anti-inflammatory. This salve will soothe your eczema or psoriasis and will put an end to persistent dry skin.

If your skin needs some revitalizing and renewing, try this citrus scented Burdock Balm with arnica and sea buckthorn oil. Some of these ingredients are known to relieve pain due to insect bites, muscle bruises or sprains and arthritic pain. Our Miracle Comfrey salve will not only help you heal by forming a protective layer over minor wounds and cuts but it contains vitamin E which helps diminish scarring and speeds the healing process. Also great for calming psoriasis, eczema and rashes!

And the best part about these fast absorbing salves? You can layer up by applying more than one type of salve to specific parts of your body. This way you can address several issues all at once! Problems salved!

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