Galiano Island Soapworks Staff Picks

February 25, 2015

Over the past few years we have been pleased and excited to provide quality handcrafted soaps, candles, beauty care, farm items and giftware. We especially appreciate getting feedback from our customers. It's always heart-warming and motivating to hear which products people love most and why. We love hearing from you and we at Galiano Island Soapworks have decided to return the favor. Now  you will be hearing from us! For the rest of the month, our blogs will be highlighting all the products that our staff members use and are crazy about. We are a diverse and dynamic team of women here at Soapworks and we each bring a unique perspective and energy to the workplace. Perhaps you'd like to learn about what inspires us!

Linda is our owner who is a licensed cosmetologist and esthetician as well as having an enormous passion for researching and developing new products. Linda has been raving about our African Butter Cream from the moment it graced our store's shelves. Her favorite aspect about this rich cream is that it is thick and generously proportioned with two outstanding ingredients from Africa, shea butter and argan oil which leave her skin feeling soft, nourished and beautiful. Her perfect night cream! She also can't get enough of our Ultimate Berry Moisturizer, which has become a very popular item. She loves it not only for its yummy scent, but also because this day cream is light, has a soft creamy texture and is loaded with Vitamin C. A must-have on Linda's list is our Black Gold Mud Mask which has anti-aging and detoxifying ingredients. It leaves her skin feeling velvety smooth with an added bonus: it smells like chocolate heaven! Another soon to be announced favorite is the Raven Dark Mocha Mud Mask with its rich coffee/chocolate/almond aroma and made from Galiano Island people's first choice Raven Dark Roast

Next up is Reina who has been with the company since our farm store opened in 2011. We absolutely adore her attention to detail and enthusiasm. She takes great pride in the products that we create and enjoys the serene and picturesque environment in which we work. (The Trincomali Farm is truly a beauty to behold!)  Reina is very fond of our Rhassoul Body Polish and uses it as a daily facial cleanser; it lathers and cleans without leaving her skin feeling stripped of oils. When it comes to facial moisturizers, she has two favorites: the first is our Moroccan Argan Oil (also known as "liquid gold"~need I say more?) which is non-greasy, absorbs easily and is rich in nutrients and fatty acids. The second is our Blast of C (rich face cream) that is highly nourishing and great for all skin types. Reina loves to bathe her pup using our Bulldog Shampoo Bars because not only does it leave her four-legged friend squeaky clean, the suds rinse away easily leaving no residue, is great for dry skin, conditions the coat and is an excellent natural insect and tick repellent. On warm evenings on the patio Reina likes to light one of our elegant Beeswax Luminaries to kick back and create the perfect ambiance.

Stay tuned for more of what we love!

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