Citrus Stem Cell Cream

Plant based hyaluronic acid with Citrus Stem Cells

As we age one of the first places we notice changes is in our face. Our skin cell's ability to regenerate new skin cells diminishes and poor collagen levels result. We find ourselves looking our age (or older) with too many wrinkles and our complexions look lifeless and dull. Our formulator has discovered a new weapon against aging and are sharing it with our customers in this amazing natural skin care formula. It has taken awhile to settle on a combination of citrus (orange) stem cells (which kick our own stems cells into action to regenerate new skin cells and influence the growth of collagen), wet milled organic extra virgin coconut oil and raw organic shea butter, both in their most natural state and packed with all of their natural goodness. Orange stem cells provide anti-inflammatory benefits, stimulation to epidermal stem cells, they protect the skin from photo damage by absorbing UV radiation and provide excellent antioxidant protection.

We've added other weapons against aging. Hyaluronic acid is a natural structural component of skin and is present in connective tissue throughout the human body. Hyaluronic acid is the leading magic ingredient that has the ability to retain enormous amounts of moisture. Loss of moisture (don't be fooled into thinking that having oily skin means it's hydrated) is one of the main reasons for skin to lose it's firmness and pliability, resulting in wrinkled and dull looking skin. Not only does HA improve your skin's moisture content but it also strengthens the skin's barrier.

Plump up with this non greasy formula that absorbs into the skin quickly and leaves skin feeling silky for many hours after application. Enjoy smooth and wonderfully soft skin you can't stop touching, and regain your beautiful, youthful even-toned skin, with a youthful and dewy appearance. Apply sparingly to the face and neck. Use daily or nightly (or both).

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Sunscreen should be used after application of citrus products or exposure to the sun should be limited as citrus can cause photosensitivity. If your skin burns easily, avoiding this product during the daytime is advised.




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