Shampoo Bars

A zero waste, vegan and palm free product. Environmentally conscientious consumers moving away from extra packaging unite and tell your friends about it.

This shampoo bar is 100% biodegradable (even the cellophane cover)  and is great companion for every type of travel including camping being safe if rivers and lakes. 

Gentle enough to use every day, our noodle shampoo bars cleanse the hair with soft creamy lather full of nourishing butters, oils and hair protectants leaving hair soft and clean. This shampoo bar is safe on colour treated hair.

There are two amazing bars to choose from.

 One 100g shampoo bar will last for approximately 100 uses if it is cared for properly. By this we mean that it should not be placed in the shower where water hits it while showering, and it should not be left in a puddle of water after use. Doing either of these things will cause your bar to shrink faster giving it a shorter life. 

To use:

Pass the shampoo bar through wet hair, set it down, lather up and rise off. So easy!

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shampoo bars

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