Pets need sun protection too!

April 28, 2014

Dogs with light pigmentation are susceptible to sunburn just like humans are. Most of their body is covered with hair but because dogs love to lie in the sun they expose their tummies where hair is sparse and if they have thin hair or part of their body with no hair, they will burn in a short period of time. Your dog can’t tell you that it is hurting from sunburn so keep a mindful eye on your friend. Rub a sun protection cream (like Snoot) that has a physical sunblock like zinc oxide in it on the areas that need protecting. Don’t forget his nose if it is pink. Noses are the first part of the body to take a beating from the sun. Like humans dog’s can develop cancer if their noses are burned too many times.

Why is a zinc oxide a good choice? It is probably the best choice in fact. Products with zinc oxide don’t need to be reapplied more than once a day unless it is washed off. Commercial sunscreens are not only full of chemicals but they have to be reapplied several times a day for maximum protection. Zinc oxide is one of only two known physical full blocks to harmful sunrays.

And why stop at protection for only your dog? Horses need protection for exactly the same reasons. Horses with white skin on their noses will burn very easily and quickly from harmful rays. Give Whoa! a try.


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