Our Organic Shea Butter from Ghana has Arrived!

March 05, 2014

For millennia, Ghanaian women have harnessed one of nature’s best kept secrets, the heart of the wild Shea fruit that creates Shea Butter. Little wonder that cosmetic companies have been rushing to incorporate Shea Butter in their skincare products.

We are excited to have connected with our wonderful new representative and supplier of Organic Shea Butter and to be learning more about the Shea Butter production process.

Our Supplier continues to use the purest traditional methods for making the butter. No processing or refining with added chemicals, no industrialized production – just fabulous, natural butter with the faintest sweet aroma from the fires used in its preparation.Their mission is to bring unique and high quality products to the global market in a fair, equitable and environmentally sustainable manner. By achieving this, we will create value for the entire supply chain, from the original producers through to the end users.

We are proud to support  the women in Northern Ghana who make our Shea Butter. The moment we opened the box we were transported to a little village in Ghana - the sweet, rich scent of Shea Butter, slightly reminiscent of white chocolate, wafting into the studio - we could almost hear the laughter of the women and children. 

This Shea Butter couldn’t be a better fit with our freshly processed herbs and botanicals already in practice at Galiano Island Soapworks.  Watch this blog for updates and more photos!

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