May 10, 2019

Minimalist May or Marie Kondo? You Choose.

We know we’re not alone here on this one because almost everyone has watched the Marie Kondo show on Netflix. At least it feels like it doesn’t it? This way of living is nothing new. In fact, it’s something that we long ago adopted here. Who wants extra ingredients in their skincare? It’s not necessary. Even product usage can go a long way when you use it properly. It really is a joy to not worry about extras. Minimalism started long ago before it was trendy.

For centuries, the Chinese incorporated this mindset in their "feng shui" philosophy of home decor and furniture arranging. Paring things down and simple really does lead to a happier healthier lifestyle.

Starting the process doesn’t need to be overwhelming. Achieving simplicity in life can be done step by step. Little by little. It’s up to you in what areas you want even want to do this. Maybe you love to cook and bake and have a fully stocked kitchen with all the tools of the trade. It wouldn’t make sense to pare things down that you use all the time but maybe there are other areas you would like to work on.

This really is a process and doesn’t have to be done in any particular way. Here are some ideas to get you started.

1. Start with a garage sale:

Go through each room in the house that you want to work on and get rid of what you haven’t been using or no longer serves a purpose. Use the money that you make to treat yourself to an experience without picking up more stuff. Didn’t sell everything at the garage sale? Donate it to charity!

2. Junk drawers:

You know the ”Just in case" drawers? The ones filled with extras of just in case items, extra cords, take out menus… need we say more?

3. Debt got you?

Staying debt free and applying whatever you get from that yard sale to debt elimination will help you sleep better at night to be sure.

4. Bathroom Blues:

Don’t forget your bathroom areas: too many expired makeup products you never use, sample toiletries or unopened boxes of toothpaste, soap, shampoo or toothbrushes can be donated to the local homeless shelter or church community outreach programs. When it comes to your products less is more. Our products are created with this philosophy in mind. Shop hereand feel free to reach out if you need a hand.

5. Car Crazy?

If you’re a parent you may understand this one. Check your car to make sure it's free of other unneeded items and half-eaten hamburger buns, sports equipment or cards that are short a deck from that last road trip.

6. Craft Room Clutter?

From your arts and craft room, or sewing room, anything not being used means taking up valuable space that impedes creativity. Get rid of what you’re not using by donating it to charity. If it’s no longer worth using see what you can do to recycle.

7. Bedroom Balance:

While you are at it, hit your bedroom and bookshelves with a vengeance. Old paperback books, decorative items you got at your last yard sale excursion and nightstand clutter are no good and the clutter in this area contributes to how well you sleep so science says.

Marie Kondo fan or not, with a little bit of effort and doing everything bit by bit over time, you'll see the proverbial light at the end of the minimalist tunnel. Take a break from the decluttering process, but don't forget to ask yourself if something is a want or a need on your next purchases. Remember that less is more in the long run.



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