Citrus Stem Cells? Absolutely!!

March 07, 2016

Aging is a reality that we all must face whether we like it or not....but it's not a process that should be feared, hated or seen in a negative light. In fact, Galiano Island Soapworks believes that we can all age gracefully and look good doing it, especially with the help of two of our hottest new facial moisturizers: Citrus Stem Cell Cream and Citrus Stem Cell Lotion. Both products contain a unique and effective combination of ingredients that will assist in fighting the signs of aging, encouraging new skin cell growth and increasing your skin's ability to repair itself. Be prepared to be amazed!

As we age, our natural supply of stem cells is significantly reduced due to factors such as sun damage, environmental pollutants, physical damage and decreased regeneration. This not only leaves us with dull, sagging skin that is slow to heal but it also slows our skin's renewal process. We have chosen to use orange stem cells in both of our formulas because they influence collagen production, protect the skin from environmental and oxidative stress and encourage skin stem cells to regenerate new skin cells. The result: enhanced skin elasticity with smoother skin and improved skin structure. Win win!

But orange stem cells are only onekey component to these incredible recipes; we've also added hyaluronic acid which is a natural compound found in our skin that has numerous functions such as retaining moisture, providing cushioning and helping to create a protective barrier against micro-organisms. In addition to that, we've thrown in some aloe vera, a fabulous moisturizer that is rich in nutrients along with a healthy dose of essential fatty acid-rich shea butter, which is bursting with vitamins A, E  and F. And let's not forget a crucial ingredient: camelina seed oil, a truly amazing and beneficial anti-aging ingredient known to increase the skin's texture and suppleness. (*side note: if you haven't read our previous blog on how outstanding camelina seed oil is, then you'd better go check it out right me, you won't regret it!)

So now the dilemma: which citrus stem cell product should you choose? Both contain all the incredible ingredients we've listed and then some. Our Citrus Stem Cell Lotion is much lighter in texture, great for those with oily skin or whose pores clog easily. The Citrus Stem Cell Cream is a thicker richer cream that has an added bonus ingredient: propanediol, a natural vegetable-based compound that helps add to the rich texture of the cream, increases the skin's ability to retain moisture and is great for sensitive or excessively dry skin. Choose what works best for your skin's type and needs. Go ahead and treasure the skin you've got!

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