Candle Safety Tips

November 30, 2014


Winter months and candles truly go hand in hand, after all, winter is the season of cozy candlelit dinners, unexpected power outages and creating lovely ambiance. Although candles are easy to use, they are not always used properly or carefully.  How do you know if you're using your candles as safely and efficiently as you could be? Here are some quick tips to ensure you are burning safely this winter.

Whether burning soy, palm or beeswax, tea lights, votives or pillars it is extremely important to always trim your wicks to 1/4". Untrimmed wicks will only cause the candle to smoke and will shorten the life of your candle. When burning  pillar candles for the first time, be sure to burn  for one hour per inch of candle diameter in order to form a complete melt pool. By doing this, you will prevent the candle from burning down into a  tunnel and leaving behind perfectly good wax. Do not leave wick trimmings, match stubs or debris in the melt pool and if possible try to extinguish your candle using a snuffer or wick dipper to prevent hot wax splatters. If burning votives, make sure the container is an appropriate size and fits the votive snugly. When burning tea lights, it is best to burn them down completely; they do not burn very efficiently after being extinguished and relit.  A few other points to keep in mind:

  • Never leave lit candles unattended!
  • Keep candles away from small children and pets.
  • Make sure candle holders are placed on a stable, heat-resistant surface and only use holders that are specifically  designed for candle use.
  • Ensure your candle is away from flammable items, drafts and air currents.
  • If your candle is smoking, flickering or if the flame is too high, it is not burning properly. Extinguish, check for drafts, trim the wick and relight when cooled.
  • We've said it before and we'll say it again: never leave lit candles unattended!

Also, be aware that there are many options and benefits to burning certain types of waxes. To find out which candle is most ideal for you, check out some more information here.

 Be safe, stay warm and have a beautiful winter season!

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