BABY, it's COLD outside!!

February 05, 2014

Extreme weather can wreak havoc on your skin. Even if you love these cold crisp winter days you will want to take steps to keep your skin from becoming dry and sallow looking. And lack of humidity in the air doesn't help the matter.

"Skin gets dry because the wind and cold weather irritate it, and the lack of humidity in the air causes it to lose moisture rapidly," says Elizabeth McBurney, MD, clinical professor of dermatology at Tulane University. "This causes flakes and scaly patches, which in turn give you a sallow, dull appearance."

Soften dry patches by steaming your face over a bowl of boiling water (cover your head with a towel) for several minutes. Follow up with an exfoliating mask or scrub, then slick on a rich moisturizer.  Use lip balm to keep your lips from getting dry and cracked and don't forget the rest of your body!  There are moisturizers made especially for the rougher areas of your skin - hands, knees, elbows, heels but you can also use anything you put on your face!  And, as always, stay HYDRATED!  Hang in there! Spring is almost here!

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