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Healthy choices promote healthy skin. People of all ages and both genders have never been so committed to taking care of their health and appearance as they are in today’s society.  Young women want to obtain and maintain their beautiful skin, older women want to stay looking younger as long as they possibly can and it’s no different for men.

Superfoods are not just for eating!  You'll find superfoods in many of our products.  We take pride in researching and carefully combining some of the worlds' most powerful superfoods into our meticulously thought our formulas. Not only is your skin important to us, so is your overall health and wellness.  Our goal is to feed the body and mind with gifts from the earth that are healthy and natural. Our products are made by hand in our Galiano Island studios ensuring excellence in our products.

Part of the fun is in the discovery and development of new and wonderful products using ingredients from our own ” back forty”!  You don’t eat fruits and vegetables that have had most of their nutritional value removed by refining, do you? Your skin shouldn’t be fed that way either.

Many of the raw natural ingredients that go into our products are grown right here. They are either from our gardens or are wild crafted. We strive to derive the goods we make from the environment we live in – respectfully and sustainably. We are committed to researching and using organically grown natural raw ingredients in our products.

Hand harvesting and processing our herbs and botanicals ensures superior quality which translates to superior products. In our studios we produce infused oils, tinctures, teas and are dehydrated for future use.

Importance of preservatives. We believe in using ecocert preservatives.  Some manufacturers of natural skin care don't believe in using preservatives.  Like vegetables and fruit, water based skin care products start to deteriorate soon after they are made forming mould and bacteria that you can't see with your naked eye.  Would you be ok eating food contaminated with such dangerous micro organisms? We know you wouldn't, so don't apply unpreserved skin care products to your skin either. 

Protecting the environment is very important to us, so we use only recyclable containers. You will notice that for the most part we do not use fancy and/or expensive packaging for our products so that we do not pass unnecessary cost on to our customers and waste into our landfills. In fact, if you don’t need a label on your soap purchase – you don’t have to have one – we label on demand.  

Supporting fair trade, eco-friendly and sustainability. We care about our global village and the people who work hard to create the ingredients we use so it should come as no surprise that we believe in and support fair trade wherever it is an option. We believe in doing our part to save our planet and we stay away from practices that are negatively earth altering.

Truth and integrity.  Our standards are simple: what you read is what you get. We take pride in our high principles and truthful marketing. We stand behind our amazing products.

Cruelty Free! Animals should never suffer so people can have beautiful glowing skin. We love our furry creatures and want to protect them by supporting organization in place to stop animal testing for cosmetic ingredients.  Our skin care line is mostly vegan with the exception of using some beeswax.  Our beeswax comes from our own farm or from farms where we know bees are treated with kindness and respect, and they are well cared for. We are committed to donating to many anti animal abuse organizations.

We hope you can feel the level of our commitment and dedication when you use our products – and that somehow the love of what we do is transferred to you.

Because beauty should not cost the earth….    


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