Plant SuperStars

All plants are superstars!  Because plants are our chosen mainstream ingredient, we are committed to growing as many as we can in a pesticide free environment, and harvesting them at the perfect time in their growth cycle to ensure capturing the highest quality medicinal properties to add in our collection of beautifying skin care. We do not enhance our products with synthetic additives for foam boosting, extra silkiness or other feel good qualities that many large well known manufacturers do.  

Stinging nettle (urtica dioica) is abundant in our products.  Meet this plant on a hiking trail and you will quickly discover it is a nasty plant that irritates the skin for hours after coming in contact with it. Yet we have a great deal of respect and love for this nasty plant in our formulas. We even eat it! Nettle is a natural anti-inflammatory that helps reduce inflammation and pain. Also a powerful astringent, taken orally as a tea, it cleanses the body and rids of toxins. Used as a rinse for hair, it helps restore the growth of lost hair as well as promote health and shine. Nettle is just one of our superstars. 

There is not one herb or botanical we use in our skin care formulations, that are not consumed in one way or another for health and wellness.  Eat to nourish your skin from the inside out. Eat for your mind and body. Your skin benefits from every plant the rest of your body is thriving on. 

We don't limit our plant ingredients to only locally grown species. We thoroughly investigate the rarest of plants from around the world and sometimes we've never heard of them before accidentally coming across the name. An unrecognized name beckons the beginning of research, and almost always finding that they have been or are being used in ancient traditional medicine practices. 


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