COVID-19 Safety

COVID -19 Safety Plan for Galiano Island Soap Works


In accordance with WorkSafeBC and the Provincial Government we have implemented safety guidelines for COVID-19 workplace safety.


If you are feeling ill for any reason, for the safety of our employees and other customers, please do not enter our store. Get the attention of our staff member to serve you in a safe way.  If this is not possible, please place your order by telephone for pick up.


For our employees:


  1. We employ only one person to work in our store, at one time.
  2. Employees will remain a minimum of 6 feet from customers.
  3. Surfaces that have been in contact with customers are to be sanitized between customers. This includes door knobs, counters and credit card readers. Employees sanitize their hands after each transaction.
  4. We have installed visible blue barrier lines so customers to shop safely while in our store. Customers are required to stay behind the marked floor lines.
  5. Customers will remain 6 feet from the cash desk unless they are directed to come forward while maintaining social distancing.
  6. Employees will allow only 2 to 3 customers in the store at one time, unless customers are all close family members.
  7. Customers must maintain a social distance of at least 6 feet from other customers or employees.
  8. Where possible we encourage customers to phone in orders or place orders online for pick up. We place orders on our deck in order to minimize contact.
  9. We ask customers shopping in our store not to touch our products unless it is the item they are purchasing.
  10. Employees have PPE available for use.
  11. Customers will be asked if they have symptoms or signs suggestive of COVID19. If they can’t provide assurance, please ask the customer to not enter the store.
  12. If customers are showing signs of being unwell, our employee will refuse entry to our store.


For our customers:


  1. There will be only 1 employee working in our store, at one time.
  2. Employees will remain a minimum of 6 feet from customers.
  3. Customers are required to maintain a distance of 6 feet from other customers, wherever possible.
  4. Customers will stay behind the barriers unless they are invited to step forward to pay. If a customer would like to approach an area that is protected, they must ask if they may do so.
  5. Customers are required to sanitize their hands prior to entering our store.
  6. Employees will sanitize surfaces between customers.
  7. If a customer appears to be ill, they may be asked to leave the store for the safety of others.
  8. Only 2 to 3 customers may enter the store at one time unless they are family members or people travelling together.







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