Mini Spa Scrub - Be Brave & Detox!

Be Brave & Detox! is a great combination of detoxing ingredients. This treatment is designed to effectively remove toxins from the skin. Additionally bentonite clay works to help reduce the problems often left behind by acne. It helps fade acne scars and decreases redness and inflammation. Ooops. You don't have acne? You aren't required to have acne to use this scrub! Everyone should detox regularly to help keep skin problems from showing up. Be brave, and detox!

Directions for use:

On a wet konjac sponge place about 1/8 teaspoon of the scrub. Moisten the clay scrub by spreading it over the sponge with your finger. Apply to your face using circular motion making sure all of the skin on your face and neck have been treated, but do not scrub around the eyes. Leave it on for a minute or two before washing it off with a warm cloth. This scrub can be used 3 times per week.

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