100% Beeswax Luminary

This is naturally beautiful, handcrafted, 100% beeswax luminary for use indoors or out. Burn a beeswax tea light inside and enjoy the wonderful aroma of the beeswax and the soft glowing light of the luminary. Enchanting and magical...

To use your luminary, place about 1 inch of sand (or something similar) in the bottom before placing the tea light in. If you do not do not add something to protect the luminary from the heat of the tea light, the luminary will melt. Do not place the luminary in a hot window in the summertime. Its wax and it will soften and become misshapen.

After some length of time your luminary may develop a layer of "dust" which will cause your luminary to look dull. Use a paper towel to gently polish the luminary and it will soon be as beautiful as it was when you purchased it.

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